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About us

CEEK is a joint initiative of the railway industry to save energy. Together, we develop and implement energy-efficient and, at the same time, environmentally friendly solutions that serve all participants of the railway market. We create a platform for dialogue between representatives of carriers, infrastructure managers and operators, research institutions and industry organisations. Our mission is to continuously optimise energy consumption of the Polish railways.

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Our goal

In the 21st century, increasing energy efficiency is a challenge for the entire economy. The European Union's goal is 32.5% greater energy efficiency by 2030. According to the International Energy Agency, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, industrial processes and transport could reduce global energy demand by a third by 2050 to help control global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Program Council

Manages the work of CEEK. It consists of representatives of railway carriers, infrastructure managers and operators, as well as experts in the railway and energy industries.

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In cooperation with

CEEK is a joint initiative of the railway industry. We work together as part of a group of almost 70 entities, with the active participation of domestic carriers, PKP PLK, PKP S.A. and PKP Energetyka, as well as experts from, among others, the National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE), the Railway Institute, Warsaw University of Technology, the Jagiellonian Institute and the Jagiellonian Club.


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