Development of recuperation

Recuperation is the recovery of energy during braking of a rail vehicle with electric or hybrid drive. During this process, the electric motor of the train acts as a generator – it converts part of the braking energy into electricity.

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A train consumes energy depending on the route profile, transport schedule, train set type and its technical condition. A lot also depends on the driving style of the engine driver. Conscious, skilful and economical driving, i.e., eco-driving, makes the train consume much less catenary electricity. That is why, as CEEK, we work to implement solutions that promote economic driving of rail vehicles.

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RES Plant

Investment in distributed renewable energy sources is also one of the tasks for railways. In addition to saving, we also need to ensure the development of RES in rail areas and facilities. Thanks to this, part of the railway infrastructure will become energy self-sufficient and we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the railways, there are many places where you can install solar panels: roofs of stations and other railway buildings, areas next to tracks and power infrastructure.

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