RES Plant

Investment in distributed renewable energy sources is also one of the tasks for railways. In addition to saving, we also need to ensure the development of RES in rail areas and facilities. Thanks to this, part of the railway infrastructure will become energy self-sufficient and we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the railways, there are many places where you can install solar panels: roofs of stations and other railway buildings, areas next to tracks and power infrastructure.

We have estimated that the rail space allows for the installation of RES above 60 MW in 10 years. We estimate that installing solar panels on railway buildings and constructing free-standing solar farms in railway areas will make it possible to obtain at least 10 MW of PV systems per year. At the same time, installing an RES system near the place of consumption will allow maximum increase in energy efficiency through reduced transmission losses.

By using this potential, within 10 years it will be possible to increase the share of RES in the consumption structure of railway carriers by 200 GWh and reduce CO2 emissions by 280,000 tonnes!

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