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Captrain Polska will be powered by green energy

Polish rail freight carrier Captrain Polska has signed a letter of intent with PKP Energetyka to purchase traction electricity from renewable sources as part of the Green Railway Programme. Its aim is the transition of railway transport in Poland to green energy.

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Gala Kongresu Kolejowego

Railway Energy Efficiency Centre is the winner of the Green Railway Award

On 23 November 2021, the Green Railway Awards were presented for the first time at the Polish Railway Congress Gala. The Railway Energy Efficiency Centre (CEEK) was one of the winners of the competition organised by Railway Business Forum and the Rynek Kolejowy (Railway Market) Publishing House, and it received the award for promoting climate-friendly activities and, above all, for uniting the Polish railway environment around the Green Railway Program, which was unique in the entire industry.

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Koleje Małopolskie joins the Green Railway Program

Soon, passengers of Koleje Małopolskie will be traveling by trains powered by green energy. During the 11th Railway Congress in Warsaw, the carrier owned by the Polish Lesser Poland region signed a letter of intent in this matter with PKP Energetyka which coordinates the implementation of the sectoral Green Railway Program. Thus, Koleje Małopolskie declared its willingness to purchase traction energy generated by solar and wind power plants.

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PKP Energetyka will assist Captrain Polska and STK produce green energy

PKP Energetyka signed two letters of intent with rail freight carriers regarding cooperation in the production of non-traction energy from renewable sources. Captrain Polska and STK will invest in photovoltaic installations. They will be built on railway buildings and infrastructure. PKP Energetyka will assist in the selection of appropriate equipment, its installation and operation.

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Europejskie Forum Przyszłości

The future is the Green Railway

“Railway transport as a key element of the European Green Deal 2050” - this was the topic of one of the panels during the 1st European Future Forum held on October 6-8 at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów. It was attended by Leszek Hołda - Deputy Chairman of the Program Council Presidium of the Center for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK) and the member of the Board of PKP Energetyka, who spoke about the Green Railway Program.

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Malinowski Janusz ŁKA

ŁKA: Care for the efficient use of energy

In the latest issue of the “Railway Report” bi-monthly, we can read an interview with Janusz Malinowski – President of Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna (ŁKA) and Chairman of the Program Council Presidium of the Center for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK). In this article, he mentions, among others, the issues related to the optimization of electricity consumption and the implementation of the Green Railway Program.

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Podpisanie listów intencyjnych dot. dołączenia do Programu Zielona

Koleje Mazowieckie and ECCO Rail in the Green Railway Program

On September 22, 2021, during the TRAKO railway fair, Koleje Mazowieckie and ECCO Rail signed letters of intent with PKP Energetyka under which these entities declared they will join the Green Railway Program. Thus the Program already includes six carriers planning to switch to powering their trains with energy from renewable energy sources.

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Business wants the Green Railway

Progressing climate changes are forcing companies to seek greener forms of transporting goods. The emission level is a criterion that businesses increasingly take into account when planning logistics chains. The report prepared by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRIS) for the ProKolej Foundation shows that it is in railway transport where entrepreneurs from various industries in Poland see the greatest opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint.

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