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Appeal on rising energy prices for the railway industry

On behalf of the Center for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK), which brings together entities responsible for 95% of energy consumption in the railway, the Pro Kolej Foundation and the Railway Business Forum (RBF), we are calling for taking measures aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of rising energy prices. The railway, as the foundation of the whole economic system, should be placed under a protective umbrella which will allow to maintain the continuity and necessary scale of freight and passenger transport.

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Presiding Committee of the CEEK Program Council remains unchanged for the term of office 2022/2023

On August 31, 2022, the eighth meeting of the CEEK Program Council was held in Warsaw. The main topic of the meeting was to summarize the third year of the Center’s activities and to elect the composition of the Program Council Presiding Committee for the next year. In addition, the meeting summarized a workshop on the use of hydrogen and hybrid technologies on the railway and discussed the status of the eco-driving development project. The invited experts talked about plans to strengthen mobility in the railway sector, and also presented the current situation in the energy market.

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RES energy powers CTL Logistics trains. The freight carrier signed a contract with PKP Energetyka under the Green Railway® program

CTL Logistics will be the first freight carrier to offer transportation based on renewable sun and wind energy. The company signed a multi-year contract with PKP Energetyka under the Green Railway® program. Under its terms and conditions, already this year 25 percent of the energy consumed by CTL Logistics will come from RES; in 2023, it will already be 50 percent; and in 2025, the share of renewable energy will reach 100 percent.

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Green energy instead of coal

According to an IBRIS survey commissioned by Rzeczpospolita, nearly 80% of respondents believe that renewable energy sources should be developed in the face of the energy crisis. This shows that the public supports the measures which for three years have been successfully implemented by the railway industry as part of CEEK.

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By green train from Łódź to Spała

On Saturday, June 25, a train with the Green Railway® program mark departed from the station in Łódź. Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna’s hybrid resumed a connection to Spała after 34 years. The opening travel was attended by Marshal Grzegorz Schreiber, ŁKA president, and CEEK Chairperson Janusz Malinowski and CEEK Deputy Chairperson Leszek Hołda.

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Deputy Chairperson Hołda: Implementation of the Green Railway® program will relieve the production of energy from Russian coal by half

As early as from 2019, under the Center for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK) initiative, the railway industry has been working on the concept of powering the Polish railway, informed the member of the PKP Energetyka Management Board and the deputy chairman of the Presiding Committee of the CEEK Program Council, Leszek Hołda, during the panel entitled “Green public transport – development prospects and barriers”, organized as part of the 8th Transport Development Congress. As he added, it included all participants in the railway market, from infrastructure managers through rail carriers consuming 95% of energy used in the railway sector.

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The next edition of the CEEK workshops is completed!

If not electrification then what? Hydrogen or hybrid – what to choose? The participants of the next edition of the workshops thought about the answer to these and other questions while developing recommendations and possible directions of actions in the field of hydrogen and hybrid technologies.

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