The next edition of the CEEK workshops is completed!

If not electrification then what? Hydrogen or hybrid – what to choose? The participants of the next edition of the workshops thought about the answer to these and other questions while developing recommendations and possible directions of actions in the field of hydrogen and hybrid technologies.

On 11 May 2022, a workshop was held in Warsaw on the topic of “Hydrogen and hybrid solutions (electric and battery vehicles) for non-electrified railroad”. The event was attended by a representative of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, a professor from the Krakow University of Technology, and representatives of the largest rolling stock manufacturers (Hitachi, Alstom and Siemens), an expert in the energy market and hydrogen technologies from TÜV SÜD Polska, a representative of Air Products and representatives of freight and passenger carriers (including Lotos Kolej, Koleje Mazowieckie and Koleje Dolnośląskie).

The workshop was divided into two parts. During the first part of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to learn about the experiences of representatives of companies and the scientific community specializing in hydrogen. The strategy of hydrogen economy in Poland, the development of hydrogen from the global point of view and its applications and technologies are just some of the topics of the presentations given during the workshop. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as ask questions to the experts. The second part of the workshop was fully dedicated to the discussion about opportunities and threats of the proposed solutions for the hydrogen economy, as well as its development. As part of the workshop works, participants worked on four areas: advantages/opportunities of hydrogen and hybrids, and their disadvantages/risks.

During the workshop, the participants unanimously concluded that hydrogen and hybrid technologies are an extremely important and future-oriented solution to develop all modes of transport, including railway. Hydrogen technologies are seen as one important element in the journey towards climate neutrality.

We will be announcing the next workshop soon.

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